What is Life Care Planning? 
A life care plan is a document, based on standards of practice, that "provides an organized, concise plan of estimated reasonable and necessary (and reasonably certain to be necessary) current and future healthcare needs with the associated costs and frequencies of goods and services"   
 American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners Handbook (2007)
What healthcare needs does a Life Care Plan consider? 
  • Future Medical Care,
  • Caregiving, Medication & Supplies
  • Wheelchair / Mobility Accessory & Maintenance Needs
  • Activities for Daily Living 
  • Executive Planning and Functioning 
  • Projected Therapeutic Modalities
  • Orthotic / Prosthetic
  • Diagnostic Testing / Educational Assessment
  • Home Accessibility
  • Leisure Time / Recreational Equipment
  • Transportation
  •  Emotional Support

CCMI Associates Experience in Life Care Planning

CCMI has developed or reviewed over 200 life care plans since 1987, specializing in catastrophic and complex health conditions in children and adults .  Our referral sources in life care planning have included plaintiff and defense attorneys, social service organizations, insurers, court appointed guardians, and pirvate individuals.
Life Care Planning